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Clarence Earl Gideon

Convicted of breaking and entering in Florida, Clarence Earl Gideon set a major legal precedent when he challenged his conviction, claiming that he could not afford an attorney and should have been appointed one by the court.

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The Strengthening the Sixth website is a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to understand more deeply the rights under the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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No-Cost TTA Available

The Center for Justice Innovation is providing three levels of no-cost training and technical assistance (TTA) to jurisdictions through the BJA’s Sixth Amendment Initiative, Justice for All. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

The Failure of Gideon & the Promise of Public Defense

This policy brief by the Center for Justice Innovation identifies key areas where public defenders and jurisdictions are testing out new initiatives and working to make the promise of Gideon a reality.

Jury Diversity Series

Learn from the nation’s leading jury experts, scholars, and practitioners about why diverse juries matter, the challenges to achieving jury diversity, as well as what solutions and reforms are on the horizon. 

Relevant Media

Disability and the Legal System

Explore how to improve accessibility and inclusivity in the legal system for persons with disabilities.

Roadmap to a Representative Jury

Learn about jury diversity from leading experts and practitioners.

NCSC on State Courts’ Response to Mental Illness

The National Judicial Task Force to Examine State Courts’ Response to Mental Illness has lauched a podcast series to explore the insection of mental health and the court system.



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Collateral Consequences Resource Hub

The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA) built this resource to address and prevent the collateral consequences of criminal cases.